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A business consultancy in Fuengirola that offers, in addition to all business advisory services, free legal advice to all its advisory clients. Alhamar Consulting: much more than consulting.

Tax consultancy

We provide services for the incorporation and registration with the tax authorities of all types of companies, both individual entrepreneurs and all types of corporate companies: Civil Companies, Communities of Property, Limited Companies, etc… We inform our clients about the most appropriate business form to adopt according to their needs.

We advise and inform companies and individuals on possible actions to be taken in tax and accounting matters. We comply with the legal obligations in accounting matters, as well as advising on tax relief and tax allowances applicable to them, as well as on subsidies and grants offered by public bodies to companies.

If necessary, we provide personalised attention to all kinds of tax requirements and inspections. If necessary, we file all kinds of writs and appeals with the tax authorities.

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Preparation and filing of tax for:

  • Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
  • Corporate Income Tax.
  • Deferred payments and withholdings.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (I.T.P.A.A.J.D.).
  • Stamp Duty (I.T.P.A.J.D).
  • Inheritance and gift tax.
  • Local taxes: IAE, IBI, etc.

Labour Consultancy

We advise on any type of question that arises in labor matters. Informing about possible types of work contracts to be carried out by the company to which Social Security bonuses are applicable, which represent savings for the company in Social Security contributions.

The company is attached to the RED System (Electronic Submission of Documents) of the General Treasury of Social Security, carrying out all kinds of labor procedures online and in real time.

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  • Registrations, cancellations and variations of data of workers in the Social Security.
  • Drawing up and registering employment contracts with the corresponding Public Employment Service.
  • Drawing up and submitting workers’ pay slips to the company.
  • Preparation and submission for payment of the company’s social security contributions.

Administrative procedures

ALHAMAR CONSULTANCY provides a service to its clients by carrying out all kinds of administrative procedures for them.

We also carry out all types of procedures before any type of public or private authorities.

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  • Incorporation and registration of companies.
  • Processing of subsidies for companies.
  • Study and drafting of all types of contracts.
  • Processing of notarial deeds.
  • Protection of trademarks, patents and company signs…
  • Presentation and formulation of allegations and appeals against administrative sanctions.



For all our clients advised on tax, labour, accounting and administrative matters

Free legal advice to all our clients includes:

… and all this at no additional cost to our clients.