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We can help you in acquiring the condition of Entrepreneur and register your company in the Spanish tax organism Hacienda.  In Spanish Law the most common companies are the following. Please note that these might differ from similar companies from other countries: Joint stock Company (S.A), Company Limited by Stakes (S.L.), Cooperative Companies (S.C), General Partnership (S.R.C.), Associations, Foundations etc…

We will inform you which is the right company form for your enterprise. We assess and inform companies and private persons about the various types of procedures in terms of accountancy and tax related issues. Fulfilling legally with all material, we also notify you on bonuses included their tax relieves, as well as subsidies granted to companies by the various public administrations.

We can also assist you in the case of Tax Agency inspections,  where we present all the documentation required.


Gathering and presentation of the following tax declarations:

  • The IRPF (Individual Tax)
  • Company Tax
  • Deductions and Forms of payment
  • IVA (Spanish VAT)
  • ITP tax (Spanish Tax of Patrimonial Transfer)
  • Tax on donations, inheritance taxes
  • Local taxes such as : IAE, IBI, etc.....(Property taxes, etc.)

The ALHAMAR Group S.L. - Avda. Ramon y Cajal, 22 - Edificio Jándula, 1ºA - 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)
TLF: 952 592 857 - Email: info@grupoalhamar.com

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