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We have lawyers at your disposition, who will give personalized and complete legal assessment to our clients in all areas.

At your first and free first visit and without any kind of obligation on your behalf, you can consult us on any kind of legal advice you feel convenient.

In case of requesting of our services, you will be given a fixed and detailed quote including all the steps involved. We inform our clients with clarity and transparency about all the phases implicated in the legal procedure.

OUR SERVICES (among others)

  • Claim for improper inclusion in debt resgistration.
  • Bank claims for floor clause, mortgage expenses and IRPH.
  • Claims on unpaid bills.
  • Property: Checking the existence of charges over property such as mortgages, rights of third parties over the property, especially rights of way, etc.
  • Personal Assistance at the signing of any document before a Public Notary.
  • Payment of taxes and inscription in the Property Register of the new ownership
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Marriage separation and Divorce.
  • Inheritance.
  • Claims and Indemnity in relation to accidents, included traffic accidents.
  • Salary claims.
  • Pensions and Subsidies.
  • Administrative claims against public organisms -Criminal law and infractions.

The ALHAMAR Group S.L. - Avda. Ramon y Cajal, 22 - Edificio Jándula, 1ºA - 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)
TLF: 952 592 857 - Email: info@grupoalhamar.com

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