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We assess you on any kind of questions you might have in the area of Labour Law. We inform you on the different types of contracts that exist, included the ones with bonuses your company can benefit from, from the Social Security administration which include savings for your activity.

Our company is linked through the internet to the RED, which is the Spanish Social Security online system where we can immediately modify any kind of labour related issues:

OUR SERVICES (among others)

  • Starting and Termination of labour relationships and variations in the employees details at the Social Security.
  • Creation and Registration of contracts in the corresponding  Public Employment Agency.
  • Gathering and delivering  of wage slips of the companies employees.
  • Gathering and presentation of the companies expenses to the Social Security.

The ALHAMAR Group S.L. - Avda. Ramon y Cajal, 22 - Edificio Jándula, 1ºA - 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)
TLF: 952 592 857 - Email: info@grupoalhamar.com

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